Sunday, January 18, 2015


Good morning, beautiful. Yes, I mean you. You. The one sitting at facebook reading posts wishing you were thinner, or smarter, or more talented, or or or. Stop believing the lies.. God created you. He. Created. YOU. The Potter put the clay on the wheel, and made one a pitcher, and another a bowl. Each piece designed in it's own size, shape, and color for a specific purpose for Him. "Oh, but I am so imperfect", you groan. Yes. Isn't it wonderful? Because it's the imperfections that make you a "unique piece". A singular entity that can not be reproduced. It is the flaws that give you value, because it is through those cracks and chips and holes that the light of Christ will shine. So, my dearest cracked pots, pitchers, or bowls, go do what God has made you to do today. Get off the shelf.

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