Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little Lesson: The Empty Easter Basket

After much frustration trying to find window clings that depicted Easter as something other than bunnies and eggs, I decided to make my own Easter story out of the ones that I COULD find. (by the way, you can find Christ-centered Easter decorations at the Christian bookstore, but it's sad to think the true meaning of Easter is now hidden away in a specialty shop somewhere)

Empty Easter Basket:  What our lives are like without Jesus.
Easter Lilies:  Lilies remind  us of death, Jesus' death on the cross.
Egg:  A symbol of new life, the new life Jesus gave to us through His death on the cross.
Pastels:  The colors of the sunrise on the morning He rose from the grave!
Tulips/Hyacinths/Daffodils:  From those dead and ugly bulbs come beautiful flowers. Jesus died on the cross and made a way for us to go from ugly bulb to beautiful flower.
Candy:  How sweet salvation is, how wonderful to have our baskets full instead of empty.
Bunny:  Bunnies multiply. The message of Easter is not meant to be hidden, it's meant to be shared so that the number entering the kingdom of God will multiply!

Take your empty Easter basket to the tomb today, crouch down and peek inside. He is risen, and He will gladly come and replace that disappointingly empty basket with His sweet salvation if you just ask. Bury the ugly bulb you once were at the foot of the cross, and He will bring you back out of the dirt and make you a beautiful flower. Happy Easter!

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