Saturday, May 13, 2017

If I Wrote Something Scholarly

The Lord brought Elijah to mind today. OK, actually it was Elijah's story that came to mind, and I couldn't remember where it was in the Bible (thanks, North Rome Christian School grad for the help). I'm not a Bible scholar, but here's what I see in Elijah's plight. This is a reflection on 1 Kings 19 (read the chapter via the link below).

"Elijah, what on earth are you doing sitting here feeling sorry for yourself?"
"Lord, kill me now. Life as I know it is over, and I'm better off dead."
"You're worn out, come over here and have some dinner, rest and keep on going". (Elijah rests, and then he walks for 40 days and 40 nights, and stops at a cave on Mt. Horeb, the mountain of God)
God comes to visit Elijah, and speaks to him, and again He asks him "Elijah, what are you doing here?"
"I did what you wanted me to do, and now I'm running for my life."
And God said: "Go back the way you came..." (picture the puzzled look on Elijah's face)

I can relate to Elijah in this passage. OK, right now, I'm not running for my life, but many days I'd prefer to run FROM it. I want to feel sorry for myself. Look at me, I'm all alone. I'm useless. My life is over, I can't do this any more. It's too hard. I expect God to say "There, there, now, you go right ahead and curl up in a ball. You're right, life is hard and you deserve to be miserable." Nope. That's not what happened to Elijah. The guy was exhausted, he just walked for over a month. He thought he'd finally found his way "out", and what happened? God said "GO BACK THE WAY YOU CAME". Whaaaaat? I just got here, those people are crazy, they want me dead. "Go back the way you came."

Are you stuck in a cave, or under a bush somewhere today? Get up. Go back. You are not alone. At this very moment, God is preparing things ahead of you, He's sending help. He knows you are but dust, and that life feels hard, but He's already taken care of what's ahead. Stand up, brush off the dirt, put one foot in front of the other. There's an army out there coming against you, but it has no power over you. Remember to Whom you belong.

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