Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter Blah Blah Blahs

Daughter has informed me that I stink at blogging since it's been six months since I wrote anything. I beg to differ, I write on Facebook I also write shopping lists, notes for the family that say things like "there's dinner in the crockpot and your sports socks are on the line", and reminders to myself. So there.
Besides, it's been Winter in the pasture. Winter starts in September and ends on Memorial Day here, and there's only so much you can do when you're surrounded by snow or mud and you only get six channels. There's been absolutely nothing mind-boggling or audience-worthy, I assure you.

My main source of amusement is online shopping. I have so many cardboard boxes from deliveries that I'm now flattening them and using them as mulch in the garden. Even after that, I'll have enough to build a cardboard house, a cardboard car, and maybe even a cardboard dog (which would be great, because it wouldn't poop and I wouldn't have to feed it).  The UPS man doesn't even need to beep any more. We all recognize the sound of his truck coming down the road, and then we sprint across the floor to the front door. First person to the box gets to rip it to shreds to get to what's inside. Never mind that I already looked at it from several different angles, and spent an hour comparing prices or looking at different colors of said purchase, it still feels like Christmas. It also gives us a few seconds of fresh air, after which we scurry back inside squealing "cold feet, cold feet", and all stand in front of the woodstove.

Other Winter entertainment consists of stalking free-range hens to find their eggs, walking to and from the mailbox, and driving to work.  I told you it wasn't very exciting.

The good news is Spring has come early. Or at least it was Spring for about 5 days, long enough for me to plant all of my "cool-weather" vegetables like peas and onions, and then it got cold again.  I don't understand why the weeds don't die when it gets cold. The weeds are flourishing and all of my Daikon radishes are dead. Funny, I thought radishes were cool-weather, but I guess the ones from Japan don't like the snow. Poor little Japanese radish babies.  I don't know how to mourn appropriately for Asian plants, and I wouldn't want to offend anyone, so I just sprinkled a little dirt on them and said a few words. Actually, they weren't words that were very nice, so I won't repeat them.

Well, I should go. There's a TON of stuff I have to do, ranging from brushing my hair to reading a book. It IS Saturday, people. If you want to do something worth doing, you go right ahead, there's plenty of weeds in the garden and I've got a pile of old chairs that should be burned. Stop by. I'll give you the gloves and a pack of matches. Just close the door tight on your way out, and try not to trip over any cardboard.